to Alberta

North West Refining believes it can play an important role in Alberta’s Energy Future. As an Alberta company, we take our responsibilities to our neighbors and our province seriously. We work every day to make sure Albertans’ expectations and values are represented in our actions – from the local communities we work in, to the valued local contractors and suppliers that are building the project today, all the way to ensuring the refinery strategically supports our province’s environmental and economic interests.

Albertans’ livelihoods are impacted by what happens in the energy market. It is our energy resources that have afforded us the quality of life we now have. And we believe it is our energy resources that can continue to allow Albertans to build a prosperous future.

We are a founding member of the Resource Diversification Council, a non-profit association dedicated to realizing the full potential from Alberta’s abundant natural resources. Diversifying Alberta’s energy economy and moving up the value chain is the best way to protect our livelihoods, but we have to achieve this with sustainable and responsible development.

Projects like the Sturgeon Refinery create job opportunities across the province. Over 8,000 Albertans have been instrumental in the engineering and construction of Phase One of Sturgeon Refinery and that number will continue to grow as we move towards operations and maintenance, as well as the next two phases of the project.

We are also proud to support the diversification of our workforce by partnering with organizations like Women Building Futures, which works to recruit, train and place more Alberta women in the trades.

We understand that the province deserves the best and our goal is to deliver.

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